For those without a 3D printer, here is an option to obtain the plastic components needed to build our StopLossBags™ filling station. We can 3D print these components in one of three colors (Orange, Black, or Green) and ship them to your door! WOOD STAND NOT INCLUDED!

Free plans are available at:

Note that 3D printed components differ from many plastic parts you may be familiar with. Cosmetically, these components are not smooth like a typical injection-molded plastic part. Lines from the layering of the 3D print will be visible and some areas may have small imperfections or defects that have no impact on the physical strength of the product.

The funnel holder is designed to be used with the StopLossBags™ collapsible funnel.

Please allow a few days for production and shipping preparation for these parts. Printing is completed with PLA materials.

StopLossBags™ is a registered trademark of Finishing Solutions, LLC. Visit https://www.stoplossbags for more information. Wilson's Woodworks has no affiliation with StopLossBags™ or their affiliate company.

StopLossBags™ Filling Station Parts

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